Location Ammerland

Located on the foothills of the Alps on the eastern shore of Lake Starnberg, the Ammerland location offers three typically Bavarian-style stable facilities. With its numerous and expansive pastures, sand paddocks, a 20 x 40 m indoor riding arena, a 40 x 60 m outdoor arena, a horse walker with lunging ring, and 60 well-lit, spacious boxes, Ammerland is the perfect spot for breeding, rearing and training horses.

Our dedicated employees are committed to the care and welfare of the horses as well as for the upkeep and administration of the facilities:


Stefanie Fuchs
Thoroughbred Stud Manager, Yearling Manager,

BA Horse Science
Zbigniew Blachowski
Katharina Koppe
Equine Specialist - Riding
Michaela Limm
Equine Specialist - Breeding
Ina Schmitt
Equine Specialist - Horse husbandry

Show stable

Rudi Widmann
Dressage Trainer
Martin Schäufler
Jumping Trainer
Thomas Heim
Dressage Trainer, Equine Specialist - Riding
Janusz Smoła
Andreas Steiniger
Equine Specialist - Breeding
Siobhan O’Grady


Waldemar Nowara
Farm Manager
Ludwig Derleder
Farm and Facility Staff
Tomasz Sikora
Farm and Facility Staff
Michał Wenderlich
Farm and Facility Staff

Garden facilities and housekeeping

Bishara Abdi
Agnes Nowara
Gardening Staff


Anett Schluppkotten
Katharina Jagodzinska